About us

*This content was made by students,so it may contain wrong English grammars and so on. (We`re glad if you tell them..)

  • About our school

Kanagawa Prefectural SAGAMIHARA Secondary School was opened in 2009.

Mother school is SAGAMIOHNO high school.


One merit of our school is having 6 grades students.

So, our club has many students that are 12 to 18 years old.

  • About SSSCGC (=Classical Guitar Club)

SSSCGC is opened in the capacity of SAGAMIOHNO high school`s traditional club.

First(in 2009),there were only 7 members,

but almost 70 members are playing together now :)


We accepted a gold prize in Japan School Guitar Ensemble Contest 2011-2014.


In addition, we accepted a grand prize in that contest 2015-2018.


We`re very happy if you listen to our ensemble and know about us.

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